Blackjack rules

Learning how to play blackjack is a simple and straightforward task. If you are a first timer visiting the online casino platform, and maybe searching for a different game from slots, then blackjack is perhaps one of the best games to begin with.

The house has a very small edge and the basic understanding of the game is straightforward. In fact, once you have a better understanding of the blackjack rules, you can easily come up with your own strategy that will work to suit your style of play.

While playing blackjack, always remember that you need to beat the dealer’s hand value without going above the 21 mark. You need to do this by choosing your cards right during gameplay. Otherwise, you’ll automatically bust regardless of the dealer’s hand value.

Understanding Blackjack Rules – Value of Cards, Soft and Hard Hands Plus Other Useful Info

As already mentioned, the rules of blackjack are easy and straightforward. They usually revolve around known the value of the cards, knowing the difference between soft and hard hands, plus understanding what it means to hit, stand, split, double down or take an insurance. This section is going to have a look at all this in details.

Value of Cards

Blackjack betting rules start with knowing the value of the different cards. It’s critically important that you understand all the card value before starting to play. This will not only enable you to choose your cards right, but it will also enable you to enjoy the game.

  • All the cards that are numbered from 2 – 10 retain their face value. Kings, Queens and Jacks are all valued at 10. In blackjack, suits don’t have any value and therefore have no meaning.
  • Aces are usually considered as a wildcard. You can choose to value them at either 11 or one – whichever hand value that gives you better odds of winning.

Soft and Hard Hands

You might be wondering, what does hard and soft mean in Blackjack? Basically, a hand is soft if it has an Ace while it’s a hard hand if lacks the ace. As you learn the rules of blackjack, it’s worth remembering that a hard hand can easily turn into a soft hand, depending on the cards that dealer deals you with.

Hitting, Standing, Splitting, Doubling Down and Insurance

Once the cards have been dealt and you’ve taken a peek at your hand, you can decide to proceed with the following actions.

  • Hit: When you choose to hit, you are basically asking the dealer to deal another card
  • Stand: Standing is simply opting not to take any extra card
  • Splitting; If you have a hand with two cards of the same value (say 8-8), you might opt to split it into two new hands. Consequently, you’ll have to double your bet to accommodate the new hand
  • Doubling Down: If you are very confident with the value of your hand, you can choose to double your bet and you’ll be dealt with an extra card
  • Surrender: However, if you have an awful hand, you can choose to surrender (forfeit half your bet)

How to Win At Blackjack

As we’ve already mentioned, the best way to win at Blackjack is to get a hand that has a higher value than that of the dealer – but without going 21. If you go past the 21 mark, you automatically lose regardless of whether the dealer’s hand is above 21 or not. If you have the same hand value as that of the dealer, the result is a tie and you are fully refunded. If you the first two cards dealt to you equal 21, you have a Blackjack and the casino pays you at odds of 3:2.


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